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The competition Amor di Strega (Love of a Witch), launched by the order of the Witches from the Heavy Breath, offers as a prize a superteconological flying broom ...
To get it, you just have to win the love... the affection... the trust... the sympathy... of all the children in the world!... Not easy for a witch...
But Esmeralda and Domitilla, extravagant and confusing, decide to try their hand at the task and run to rummage through the trunks inherited from their great-great-grandmothers, in search of inspiration ... Unfortunately, however, the magical book of great stories and the recipe book of poisonous sweets, prove to be a real failure .... 
Fortunately, the witch Merdizola intervenes with a truly brilliant advice!  "Turn into clowns," she says, "children love them!"
That said, done! The two of them set up a wonderful circus, shiny, amazing... and conquer the children with hilarious and poetic acts of clowning, acrobatics and juggling.
The broom is won and the two, in a party of soap bubbles, ride it and leave happily!


with: Barbara Frizzi e Erica Vicenzi
Lights project: Carlo Meloni
text and direction: Paola Ruffo

Technical Data Sheet: 
Duration 55'
Recommended age:  4 years and above
Space: Italian theatre, gym, auditorium, amphitheatre, hall, open space
Minimum scenic space: 6mt. of depth for 6 mt. of width; 4 mt. of height
Kw: 5 kw. 380 V Three-phase connection 32 A
Assemblage time: 4 hours
Disassemblage time: 2 hours  

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