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Rica and Babra are two sisters who are very attentive of their lifestyle.
They live in a funny little house, grow their own vegetable garden and cook good and healthy dishes. 
That's why they're in great shape!
Their lives run smoothly until the kitchen mysteriously comes to life, and begins to churn out succulent, delicious and surprising dishes.
Cakes, sausages, meatloafs ... cream, sugar and zabaglioni
The Bonamente Sisters  no longer resist anything...


Idea and direction: Alessandro Maria Torboli
Actors: Barbara Frizzi e Erica Vicenzi
Movement of objects: scenic: Selena Leardini
Lights: Carlo Meloni
Costumes: Hervé Vital
Sceneries: Barbara Frizzi e Selena Leardini
Music: Cedrick le Guillierm
Production: Teatro per Caso (Italia) e Compagnie Al et les Atrolobi (Francia)

Technical details:
Duration: 50 min
Intended for: Children
Recommended age: from 4 years old 
Space: Italian theatre, gym, auditorium, amphitheatre, hall, open space
Minimum scenic space: 6 mt x 6 mt, height 4 mt
Technical requirements: 5 Kw, 380 V three-phase connection 32 A
Assemblage: 4 hours
Disassemblage: 1.5 hours  

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