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Two funny pirates travel by sea without a precise destination. They are lost in the fog and the navigator bought at Captain Fracassa's shop does not help them, on the contrary, it seems to make it even more difficult for them to go by sea.
Turn here, turn there, by chance they land on the island of the bloodthirsty ghost of the pirate Blackbeard and decide to steal his precious treasure.
Will they make it? It's a feat that many people have tried and nobody has brought their skin back home ... but they ... they are so clumsy and messed up that even the ghost of Blackbeard, on meeting them, could fall into confusion ...


With: Barbara Frizzi and Erica Vicenzi
Lighting design: Carlo Meloni
Text and Direction: Paola Ruffo

Technical details:
Duration: 50 min
Intended for: Children
Recommended age: from 3 years old 
Space: Italian theatre, gym, auditorium, amphitheatre, hall, open space
Minimum scenic space: 6 mt x 6 mt, height 4 mt
Technical requirements: 5 Kw, 380 V three-phase connection 32 A
Assemblage: 3 hours
Disassemblage: 1.5 hours 


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